Interior Carpentry
The love of this craft was born in the very heart of the shipyard. Our skilled craftsmen have a special sense for such a unique and natural material. They are well versed in the widest range of materials, methods and technologies, be it teak, veneers, marquetry or composites; from new build to classic yacht restoration.
It takes devoted and experienced hands to shape the raw material into a fine artisan's piece and the finished product is guaranteed to please.

Exterior Carpentry
The design and manufacture of exterior woodwork on a yacht is of the utmost importance, consequently our approach to all ondeck carpentry has it's art firmly ingrained in our historic background. Besides  the vast number of  deck replacement projects undertaken by our specialised decking team, our carpenters take great pride in the restoration of antique boats and the repair and refurbishing of modern classics.
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Mast Shed
The works of building new masts and spars for Hispania, Blue-Bird, Dirdam, Giradilla and other mast repairs, made it necessary to build a mast shed for our shipwrights.

The shed is equipped with work benches and a mast building bench, long enough to build and repair any kind of wooden mast. Crew are welcome to assist in the repair and restoration of their masts and rigging guided by our expert craftsmen.