Electrical Works - Astilleros de Mallorca's Internal Department
Our recent expansion of workshops in Astilleros de Mallorca's main yard and in STP has facilitated  bigger and better electrical workshops. We undertake every conceivable test procedure with a confident air of expertise. Associated agents such as Vosper, Naiad, Cathelco and Yachtica serve to enhance our abilities by offering 'in house' services, spares and megger tests.
Generator load testing and insulation testing is all covered by the appropriate Certificates for Classification Societies.

Electrical Works - Installation
Innovation in any industry must be followed closely to achieve a correct balance of invention and economy. We are mindful of the gamut of fast developing techniques and materials in the yachting industry and combine both the old and the new in perfect technical harmony.
From A/C panels to Zero Speed Stabilisers, our electrical department can give you the best, up to date advice possible to ensure a future proof installation on your vessel.

Electrical Works - Diagnosis
A modern yacht's advanced electrical systems are notoriously difficult to fault find. Our electrical engineers have microprocessor-based diagnostic tools and techniques at hand to correctly and safely diagnose and sometimes even predict, difficult situations.
Correct diagnosis and understanding of a system can often result in improved power consumption and efficiency.

Electrical Works - Repair
Naturally not everything is about throwing out the old and bringing in the new, so our repair service is equally important. Wherever possible our electricians will firstly attempt a repair on any system before advising a new installation. Not only does this make economic sense but also maintains a certain aesthetic in more classic yachts.