The Beach facilities main shipyard


The facilities, equipment and specialized personnel, coordinated by our technical department, guarantee that the best possible work is promptly performed on your yacht.


Our office facilities maintain a calm working environment as well as a centrally located nucleus of managers and project managers.


We have a large number of storage containers for use during refit for personal and yacht related articles, this applies to crew supplies and goods.

Mast Area

Our mast refit area can hold a number of masts for the crew to work on whilst de-stepped. Portable paint spray tents can be erected to protect from environmental threats whilst achieving the perfect finish for your mast and rigging.


Our well equipped workshops offer a diverse range of specialties as well as our 'in house' companies.


Our office staff are always on hand to ensure your stay with us is a complete success.


We have a number of storage options including equipment and frozen storage.

mast area

Dismantling or renovating your rigging is made easy with our dedicated mast area.