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Metal Works - Astilleros de Mallorca's Internal Department
Metal has always been one of the basic ingredients in the shipyard's history. Our craftsmen not only have preserved the heritage of old traditions, but have also developed these techniques to forge authentic and unique custom made masterpieces.

Our metal workshop has continually evolved, keeping up with the newest technologies which certainly facilitate any project but could never replace a well trained eye.

Our experience in the construction of commercial vessels gives us a unique insight in to combining new and time honoured techniques and has made huge strides in the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and precision of it's methods in the past decade or so.

Sophisticated new 3D CAD methods allowed us to develop the design for a 'ready to build' level of completion.

Steel and Aluminium Welding
Our team of welders are equally conversant with all types of welding, producing high grade finishes in every case meeting with ISO specifications.
Hull and decks are cut and replaced as necessary while the superstructures and the pilot houses of aluminum are crafted to a high degree of accuracy, whilst avoiding the often challenging threat of distortion in the softer alloy.

Custom Design and Fabrication
Astilleros de Mallorca is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of marine deck equipment including awnings, staircases, railings, stanchions and vessel access systems as well as swim platforms.
Custom mooring equipment is designed and fabricated here, along with the planning and assembly of hull and superstructure extensions. Our metal works department even boasts a locksmith shop.
Structural works are all undertaken with the approval of classification societies.

Pipework and Plumbing
Any kind of piping onboard is a serious challenge for both designers and manufacturers alike. We design and fabricate all manner of pipes in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and cupronickel which harmonises with the vessel, avoiding any of the pitfalls generally associated with pipework.

Planning a plumbing refit also takes a large measure of knowledge when involving installations in copper, polypropylene, PVC or stainless steel.