Piping - Astilleros de Mallorca's Internal Department
Some of the most demanding applications on a marine vessels are carried out through some sort of piping. Be it hydraulics, sea water, fuel or fresh water. The pressures and possibility of corrosion involved are enormous so the right materials for the job are imperative.
Our expertise in this field is through decades of experience in real world applications. We design and produce piping systems in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and cupronickel that will reduce the possibility of  incompatibilities in modern and older systems.    Watch video here

Hydraulic Piping
Modern yachts have increasingly complex and demanding hydraulic applications which need to be inspected and maintained. Our experienced hydraulic engineers can pressure test all hydraulic hoses and conduct sample testing they will remove old hoses replacing existing hard pipe work and flexible hoses as necessary, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. We supply hoses with extra abrasion resistance covers that are resistant to UV which protect hoses further.

In addition to high pressure hydraulic applications, plumbing installations in copper, polypropylene, PVC, stainless steel are all carried out by our specialist fitters, as well as all plastic types as PVC, PE, PP using electrofusion, gluing or press techniques.
Onboard low pressure piping systems such as cooling water, fire water, air and grey water piping systems, fuel oil, lube oil fill/transfer, freshwater, grey water, chilled water and other similar systems.