Project Managers - Astilleros de Mallorca's Internal Department
Our project managers are first of all multi-lingual advisers and if Spanish isn't your spoken language you will quickly understand how invaluable this service is. Our project managers are dynamic, flexible and all possess a technical background so they can act as mediators in this exclusive and demanding  Super Yacht industry.
Our recently updated facilities in STP has it's own project managers to assist you in any way possible.

Project Managers
Our management team hail from a cross-section of backgrounds, including naval architects and technical experts in naval construction, all with a shrewd understanding of the working of the yacht industry and the pressures which the crew and their vessel have to deal with during the operational season. All this helps to give you the client the support you need to get the job done, on time and to the quality expected of an industry that boasts very high standards. During the daily production meeting, project managers, work shop foremen and contractors involved discuss each vessel, point by point to ensure that everything is running on schedule and highlight issues, before they become a problem.