Using the decades of experience in traditional yacht building, our extensive involvement with antique restoration work and our passion for all things sailing, we nurture and cherish every classic yacht that enters our facilities. The success of a quality restoration is through the correct combination of investigation, materials and construction methods. Theses have to be similar to those used during the manufacture of the vessel but using modern tools. None of this work would be possible without the personnel and craftsmen that understand the traditional techniques and have the knowledge to adapt them correctly to today's world.

Her restoration had started in Italy in 1984 and since she was brought to the yard we have carried out a huge variety of work onboard including plank replacement, deck re-caulking and reconstruction of the masts.

This project spawned a succession of smaller contracts involving the same type of work, causing several of the yard staff to dedicate themselves to the special talents required when working on vintage yachts.
S.Y. Creole is refitted and maintained to this day in our yard here in Palma.

M.Y. Romara was built in 1934 by Camper and Nicholson. Ready for a refit in 2008 we were approached to under take a major overhaul of her hull, superstructure and interior.
Starting from the ground up we undertook a complete refit for the wooden hull, replacing damaged planking using the time honoured processes developed over decades of experience.
Special attention was taken in all areas of the refit to restore M.Y. Romara to her former glory.