There are many reasons structural changes need to be made including stern extensions, remodelling a lighter superstructure, bridge deck extensions, sun decks and passarelles.
Our specialist metal workers can fabricate any type of sub-superstructure in steel or aluminium. Designed by top nautical draftsmen and overseen by a dedicated project manager, any structural changes that are made are creative, decisive and well executed.

During S.Y. Kloster's 7 month stay in the yard, Astilleros de Mallorca undertook a large amount of work, most significantly, removal of the previous SEA-TEL arch and passarelle system which was located on the aft deck and installed the new foldable swimming platform. The aft cockpit was moved 1m forward and a new hydraulic gangway was fitted (by ASCON). The fore teak deck was renewed after having modified the space for the tenders, the hull and superstructure was completely re-painted afloat.

M.Y. No Lo Se.  [ Ex. M.Y. Shark]
The brief to build a stern extension was firstly to increase storage space and secondly to create a swim platform with easy access, from which guests could play. This also served to create an embarkation point to the yacht's tenders. A prefabricated steel section was designed with CAD and cut by our Plasma cutter, shaped with our heavy duty equipment the platform was then craned into place, as our team of welders went into action. The resulting new look also gives the vessel a significantly more modern design.