There are many constructive solutions to Spa systems depending on the space available and the usage of the decks. Every one of the 15 Spa projects completed by Astilleros de Mallorca, have been different in one way or another. As a rule there are three basic design possibilities: A Spa situated in the bow, the midship area or at the stern. The bow option was chosen for Blue Attraction, Libertad, Mary Jean, Jamaica Bay and Lady Georgina. The centre or mast option was considered best for Ontario, and the stern option was chosen for Passion and Sarha, taking advantage of the removal of boats and helicopters giving a structurally solid base with which to create a very useable area.      Watch video here

The top deck on M.Y. Passion was dedicated to tender storage which involved the use of a large lifting crane. The decision was made to relocate the tenders to the lower deck thus removing the need for a crane which created an abundance of space. Once structural hull repairs and modifications were completed, we started on the modifications to the superstructure and sun deck. So as to gain the full beam width of the hull for the new gantry, the original heli-deck needed to be widened, thus increasing the area on the sun deck above, which allowed for the installation of an extra-large whirlpool, a shower cabin and an adjacent dining area.

M.Y. Sarha is a privately owned 42m, 793grt catamaran motor yacht. In 2004 she entered into a refit that included changing the heli-deck into an outdoor lounge area including a Jacuzzi and shaded area.
Work started in January cutting out the aluminium structures for the bar, steps and whirlpool. A  new teak deck surround was also fitted, creating an open feel to the now spacious seating area.
All works carried out complied with all relevant codes and conventions and M.Y. Sarha is successfully cruising once more.