A specialised decking team forms a part of the carpentry workshop, repair, replacement and planning of all types of teak decking.
Depending on the usage and the protective conditions it's normal that a deck loses 0.6 to 1mm in thickness per year. Consequently a deck should be resoled every five to eight years, however some heavier deck constructions can last up to 16 years. The yard has carried out some 30 deck projects in the last five years with a combination of traditional plank by plank and pre-fabrication methods.
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The works of building new masts and spars for Hispania, Blue-Bird, Dirdam, Giradilla and other classic yachts, made it necessary to build a mast shed for our shipwrights. The shed is equipped with work benches and a mast building bench, long enough to build and repair any kind of wooden mast. We store a large quantity of spruce which is known to be the ideal wood for the rig, enabling us to do any repair needed on your rig in a short time frame.