The shipyard has a designated area for the dismantling and storage of masts. This also serves as an area to carry out all manner of rig inspection and repair, from ultra sound or x-ray to rewiring, painting and varnishing.   The in house rigging contractors are available to carry out all types of work, including the stepping and un-stepping of almost any size of rig.

Stepping and Un-stepping
Protecting one of the most expensive and vital parts of any sailboat needs a special touch, so any rig movement is carried out using two cranes to avoid any unnecessary stress.
Our rigging associates have two fully-equipped workshops, storage facilities and a fleet of well-equipped service vans as well as a custom-built trailer for rod transport, they can attend to all your requirements quickly & efficiently.
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Rewiring, Painting and Repair
Temporary paint sheds are set up in the yard to repaint and finish any rigging. Supported by a sanding and filling area with work benches, compressed air supply and extraction these sheds are invaluable in completing work on time and in an environmentally sound area.