Customer Service
Our clients are the lifeblood of our business.
Good customer service is paramount to maintaining our special relationship with our clients - past, present and future. Our many loyal clients will testify that without good service they wouldn't return year after year ...
Working in a country where one doesn't speak the language can be frustrating and time consuming, our multilingual staff are here to help and advise as best they can - and if they can't help you ... they will certainly know someone who can !!

Customer Assistance
The atmosphere at Astilleros de Mallorca is one of refined character, our staff are courteous and respectful of the situation you are entering with us. From our multilingual staff to our amenities and facilities in the yard, your stay will be one of cooperation and assistance.
We have offices available for your short term use with long stay captains given their own office for the duration of the refit.
Our 24/7 gate security will give you further peace of mind.