Ships Surveys
Astilleros de Mallorca works closely in conjunction with all the Classification Societies for all works relating to the inspections required; namely five year special surveys, docking surveys and annual surveys. Having worked closely with these societies for many years and being approved by Lloyds Register, we are both experienced and familiar with their requirements.

Astilleros de Mallorca and Atlante Marine Solutions have signed a long term agreement committed to quality service to its customers by offering specialised energy efficiency studies. From now on all vessels requesting the services of Astilleros de Mallorca, can also count with the technical assistance of Atlante Marine Solutions, a Naval consulting group specializing in the optimisation of energy efficiency.

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MCA Compliance
The requirement for yachts to be classed as commercial vessels has grown drastically over the last few years, especially with the increase in charter regulations. A knock on effect of this is that the shipyard has become increasingly involved in carrying out the necessary modifications to bring vessels up to the commercial standard as laid out by the classifications societies and the MCA. This includes the installation of watertight bulk heads, radio and safety equipment, fire fighting equipment including Hi-Fog and modifications to air intakes and hand rail heights.

Inclining Tests
We carry out inclining tests for all classification societies on a regular basis. Once we have received the specification of weights to be prepared from the Naval Architect, we just need a calm, windless day and a free space on our outfitting quay.

We protect the decks, install the pendulum and the movements are done in a couple of hours.

Astilleros de Mallorca undertake a myriad of analyses using the latest in detection and calibration equipment. Noise measurements, oil and fuel analyses, endoscopic analysis and thermographic analysis with collaborating company.
We also undertake ultrasonic analysis as well as dye penetration and magnetic particle detection tests to reveal any minute defects or cracks. Ventilation and exhaust back pressure tests are also undertaken as is cathodic protection diagnosis while afloat.