Shipyard Amenities
Entering a shipyard for a major refit has never been easy. The logistics of keeping a safe working environment alongside major works can prove to be most demanding.  As well as keeping the crew occupied and safe within the confines of the shipyard, a yacht captain's attention must also be drawn to the ease of access for spares and provisioning. Our amenities include a telephone connection plus internet access, storage for goods and frozen goods, tender storage and waste disposal as well as a captain's office and store supplies for the crew.
Added to all this, the shipyard is ideally situated within walking distance of the grand city of Palma.
24 hr security maintains an eye on your vessel while you go about your business.

Astilleros has 2 strong tenders and experienced mariners who can move any size of vessel to the slip or back to it's berth. This happens frequently once work on a ship's main engines means they cannot be started for the ship to be moved under it's own propulsion. This service is offered inside the Astilleros area, at STP, Real Club Nautico Palma and Club de Mar.

Over the last 10 years a new technique has been developed in Palma, to cover vessels individually, both afloat and in a dry dock with shrink-wrap plastic. Working platforms are set up within the structure to give painters access to all areas and still allow other trades to finish their works, essential during tight refit schedules. These covers are custom made to fit all, or part of, any vessel and comply with all port authority regulations for working afloat. Coupled with specially designed systems for the exhaust, gas and solvent filtration means that all paint work carried out within the yard comply with the ISO 14001 requirements for environmental control.

We have a large number of storage containers for use during refit for personal and yacht related articles, this applies to crew supplies and goods.

We can also arrange storage for any frozen goods.

Affectionately known as "The Beach" our mast refit area can hold a number of masts for the crew to work on whilst de-stepped. Portable paint spray tents can be erected to protect from environmental threats whilst achieving the perfect finish for your mast and rigging.

This area can equally be used to repair and maintain water toys, tenders etc.