Here at Astilleros de Mallorca we have a number of ways to treat a vessel's surface, whether it be metal or wood. Initial cleaning of a yacht's hull for instance can take place on the slipway with a high pressure water washer and further Hydro Blasted if necessary.
Metal structures can be taken back to their prime surface with glass bead blasting, providing a smoother finish than angular abrasive methods and eventually a brighter finish, which is far more environmentally friendly than previous blasting methods

The adoption of specific production processes and innovative solutions give us a significant industrial and technological advantage when applying the final touches to your treasured possession.
Combining our skills with the skills of associated companies we offer  the most precise methodology for yacht finishing. Again and again it's shown that whilst modern technology has no bounds, the traditional methods of yacht finishing is still in the hands of the artisan.

Painting and Varnishing
The final finish on any yacht is the pride of every owner, consequently we provide every possible amenity to ensure a fault free finish on hulls, superstructures and rigging.
All paint work carried out with the yard complies with the ISO 14001 requirements for environmental control.
Varnishing is not for the faint hearted especially when the object in question is an antique and irreplaceable.
In most cases the dedicated crew of a yacht will take care of it's own varnishing routine but as always, we are close at hand to give any advice or assistance.